Newborn Sleepy Tips 

a complete guide to your newborn session.

So you've booked a session with Kindred Bear Photography, whats next? Well I decided to put together a little information on how a typical newborn session goes along with some tips and suggestions to keep your little one happy, sleepy, and comfortable! Don't worry I'll keep it short and simple I know you are catering to a tiny human or preparing to. ;)

 Will I have to take my brand new baby to town?
No! I find that parents are more comfortable in their own home for newborn sessions so I travel to you! Newborn sessions can last 2-4 hours depending on feedings, diaper changes, etc. I want you to be relaxed and comfortable throughout our session because a happy momma means a happy baby.

 How much room will you need?
Not much, and I am happy to move furniture when I arrive if need be. I'll put it all back when I'm done I promise!

What should I wear?
Skin to skin is not just for the hospital, but it creates the most stunning images. Dads if your not comfortable going shirtless than wear a tight fitting shirt (white or black) with well fitting jeans. Moms keep your tops simple in design (tanks or classic t-shirts) your hands will be in the images so avoid nail polish or go with something neutral. Also all parent images are close and personal and I aim to use angles that are flattering to all post baby body types.

 Do I need to get outfits or props?
No, I have a variety of newborn props. That is probably expanding as you read this. (I have a prop problem.) I also plan each session before hand according to the pre-session questionnaire you will fill out after booking. If you do have something you'd like to use just let me know! I love styling sentimental and heirloom props!


WARM! Babies love being warm and cozy, after all they just came out of a room that was always 98 degrees. If you have an AC I ask that you turn it down or off in the room we will be in. I will also bring a space heater to help warm the air around the baby. Typically babies are naked for about 70% of the session so we have to keep the temperature up to keep them comfortable. Be sure to wear light clothing so your comfy as well!

LETS PLAY! I ask that you keep baby engaged and active about an hour before our session. A warm sponge bath usually does the trick, or enlist dad for game of peek-a-boo! After that warm sponge bath put baby in a diaper keeping the sides loose, this will help with any marks or redness from the diaper.

 MILK! A good time to feed baby is after I have arrived while I am setting up. This is not a “snack” feeding- tickle feet, change the diaper, do anything and everything you can to keep the baby awake and ensure a full feeding. A full tummy equals a sleepy baby! We will stop throughout the session for feedings as needed.

RELAX! Sit back and relax, I won't need much assistance. I've calmed a number of babies, plus I love the snuggles. I will have you spot baby for poses that the baby needs support. Such as the adorable froggy pose. Safety is my number one priority and you can be sure I will handle your baby with the utmost care!

Siblings- Photographing the newest member of your family with your already beloved members is a great way to document your growing family. For sisters please bring a well fitting neutral top preferably a tank top. Hair natural or in braids, free of bows or ties and clean nails. Brothers well fitting jeans and if not shirtless than well fitting white t-shirt.

After The Session!
When the session is over I will go home and begin culling and editing your images. I will usually have a sneak peak on social media within about 1-2 days.
In about 2-3 weeks I will be finished with your gallery and will contact you for reveal appointment.

Click Here to Fill out the QUESTIONNAIRE/ agreement.